Hi there, I'm Charles Barbier.

What I do

I'm a versatile hacker from Montreal.

I like to work on Ruby and Javascript projects with smart and passionate people.

5 Facts
    In my work, I benefit a lot from open source
  1. I contribute to open source project when I can.
  2. I try to stay open mind, and like healthy arguments
  3. I'm someone easy to deal with.
  4. I like to take life with a touch of humour
  5. I'm funny in two language, French and English.
  6. I'm one of those person with the can do attitude
  7. Just explain me the problem, I'll find the solution.
  8. I like to discuss about cinemas
  9. I own a video store business. I'm a successful entrepreneur, I've sold my first venture in 2010.

My favoured programming environment is:

I also happen to have experience with the following technologies

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